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Blasphemer Junaid Hafeez sentenced death penalty by trial court

Junaid Hafeez, accused of defaming the last Holy Prophet PBUH by uploading blasphemous material on social media, was sentenced to death by session court Multan. He was convicted for the offense of article 295-A, 295-B and 295-C of PPC and awarded imprisonment of 10 years, life imprisonment and death penalty in each offense respectively.

Junaid Hafeez, a lecturer at Bahauddin Zakria University (BZU) Multan was accused of uploading blasphemous material on his social media account in 2013. He was taken to undisclosed place from central jail Multan by security agencies after security concerns cried out by humans’ right NGOs. Due to unidentified reasons, more than half of a dozen judges have been changed in the hearing bench. Human rights commission fully backed the accused and formed a eight-membered lawyers bench to advocate him before the bench. Proceedings of the trial was carried on in Multan central jail due to security concerns of the defense.

According to judgment by additional session judge Kashif Qayyum, accused will be undergo a rigorous imprisonment of 10 years. He will pay a fine of 1 million also, in default whereof, accused would be subjected to six months of further imprisonment. On completion, he would undergo life imprisonment and then will be hanged by neck till death. Accused have to pay a fine of 0.5 million also under offense of 295-C, in default whereof, he would undergo further six months imprisonment.

Lawyers and parents of the accused mentioned that they weren’t expecting this judgment will go for appeal against the sentence.

PM’s irresponsible blasphemous statement outraged public

Prime Minister’s blasphemous statement, made during a speech on Monday, outraged public for his irresponsibility. All public and religious sectors condemned the profanity. Public’s wrath was observed on social media also. On Monday, twitter was reverberating with trending hashtag of #مانی_مینٹل_زبان_کولگام_دو (Hold your tongue mental Mani (Imran’s eke-name)). Many users kept posting IK’s old anti-religious activities and statements also.

A user recalled PM’s oath taking ceremony when he even couldn’t read the word “Khatam-un-Nabiyeen” and then laughed on his ineptitude.