Political Itinerary

Tehreek Labbaik Ya Rasool Allah (Peace Be Upon Him) started its political itinerary in 2017 when it got registered with Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP). Amid ECP’s restrictions on using holy names, party was registered under title of Tehreek Labbaik Pakistan (TLP). Leader of the party is termed as Ameer and Allama Hafiz Khadim Hussain Rizvi was appointed as its first leader.

Soon after its registration, TLP contested its first competition in Lahore’s favorite constituency of NA-120 (as per old boundaries, now NA-125). Sheikh Azhar Hussain Rizvi was nominated as candidate by TLP contesting against well-established political parties. Party’s advertisement in the constituency was too low to be observed. However, leadership of TLP put all their energies to convince people by their sermons. Along with very low advertisement, TLP was facing media blackout. In spite of all hurdles, it managed to bag third largest vote bank in the constituency defeating many sound rivals.

Passing through a few by-elections, nascent party decided to step into general elections. With limited means but inexhaustible zeal, 561 candidates were nominated against various national and provisional seats. No candidate was aided by central secretariat and election campaign was driven by support of indigenous people.