TLP in general elections 2021 of Azad Jammu & Kashmir

Complete Results

Consti.TLP CandidateVotes to TLPTLP Position1st2nd3rd4th5th
LA-1 Mirpur-1Faisal Ahmed Mushtaq24335thPTI (14233)PMLN (7609)Ind (5802)PPP (4168)TLP (2433)
LA-2 Mirpur-2Abu Al Hasnat27485thPPP (10377)PTI (9110)PMLN (5384)Ind (4611)TLP (2748)
LA-3 Mirpur-3Umair Asghar57313rdPTI (18703)PMLN (15556)TLP (5731)PPP (1384)JI (432)
LA-4 Mirpur-4Abdul Aziz Chaudhry37503rdPTI (22768)PMLN (20984)TLP (3750)MC (1313)PPP (693)
LA-5 Bhimber-1Muhammad Khursheed30845thPMLN (21799)Ind (15583)MC (14911)PTI (3481)TLP (3084)
LA-6 Bhimber-2Ghulam Qadar33254thPTI (24946)Ind (16640)PMLN (13394)TLP (3325)MC (2824)
LA-7 Bhimber-3Muhammad Zubair38043rdPTI (38803)PMLN (32245)TLP (3804)JI (1133)JKAI (616)
LA-8 Kotli-1Malik Zaheer Ahmed 41814thPTI (17299)MC (12107)PMLN (7598)TLP (4181)PPP (2818)
LA-9 Kotli-2M. Shabeer Tabassum30294thPPP (24267)MC (19484)PTI (5237)TLP (3029)PMLN (2164)
LA-10 Kotli-3Muhammad Tasneem Azeem34006thPPP (9696)PTI (9507)Ind (5684)PMLN (3963)MC (3848)
LA-11 Kotli-4Muhammad Habib45645thPTI (25201)PMLN (24288)MC (7090)PPP (5577)TLP (4564)
LA-12 Kotli-5Arshad Mehmood43654thPPP (21527)PMLN (20080)PTI (17525)TLP (4365)MC (3153)
LA-13 Kotli-6Arslan Fiaz32785thPTI (23340)PPP (17554)PMLN (10589)Ind (5794)TLP (3278)
LA-14 Bagh-1Muhamamd Usman Abbasi15858thMC (25389)PTI (17056)PMLN (8564)JI (6322)JUI (3488)
LA-15 Bagh-2Masood Hayat10006thPTI (19825)PPP (14558)PMLN (11076)MC (9964)JUI (1210)
LA-16 Bagh-3Saddam Aziz () () () () ()
LA-17 Bagh-4Tanveer Hussain Siddiqui 7874thPPP (30085)PMLN (25421)PTI (12734)TLP (787)MC (767)
LA-18 Poonch-1Tariq Aziz22105thPTI (24323)PMLN (15769)PPP (11635)Ind (2336)TLP (2210)
LA-19 Poonch-2Gulbaz Khan18055thPMLN (13413)PPP (12517)PTI (9426)Ind (8839)TLP (1805)
LA-20 Poonch-3Shafat Hussain 10368thPPP (11925)PMLN (4883)TJP (4860)PTI (4191)JI (3214)
LA-21 Poonch-4Muhammad Abid Hussain Khan 8719thJKPP (8190)PMLN (6198)PTI (5502)PPP (4410)Ind (2744)
LA-22 Poonch-5Muhammad Naeem Khan5449thPTI (16962)JKPP (10582)PMLN (7064)MC (3364)Ind (1516)
LA-23 Poonch-6Naseem Ahmed Khan13946thPTI (22519)PMLN (19575)Ind (15570)Ind (3540)PPP (2701)
LA-24 Poonch-7Zulfiqar Ali44723rdPTI (30787)PMLN (24363)TLP (4472)PPP (1710)MC (1660)
LA-25 Neelum-1M. Ayyub Sheikh10766thPMLN (14341)PPP (12400)PTI (11807)MC (1352)JI (1178)
LA-26 Neelum-2Mian Muhammad Khabib14025thPPP (18870)PTI (13294)PMLN (3210)Ind (2947)TLP (1402)
LA-27 Muzzaffarabad-1Mir Farhad Mushtaq12205thPPP (26441)PTI (19677)PMLN (9570)MC (1282)TLP (1220)
LA-28 Muzaffarabad-2Syed Shabeer Hussain Kazmi12485thPPP (26011)PTI (21873)PMLN (7671)MC (2261)TLP (1248)
LA-29 Muzzaffarabad-3Malik Fiaz7545thPTI (13337)PMLN (10557)Ind (10323)PPP (6436)TLP (754)
LA-30 Muzzaffarabad-4Shaukat Hussain6915thPTI (18119)PMLN (10490)PPP (10003)MC (898)TLP (691)
LA-31 Muzzaffarabad-5Muhammad Ashraf39505thPPP (22824)MC (21481)PTI (9175)PMLN (9020)TLP (3950)
LA-32 Muzzaffarabad-6Muhammad Ashfaq Hashmi8166thPMLN (15598)PPP (15204)PTI (9016)MC (4027)JI (2340)
LA-33 Muzzaffarabad-7Abdul Razaq8114thPTI (26474)PMLN (14384)PPP (5739)TLP (811)JI (491)
LA-34 Jammu-1Fazal Ur Rehman4504thPTI (4320)PMLN (3545)PPP (1489)TLP (450)MC (260)
LA-35 Jammu-2Muhammad Arif49133rdPTI (18934)PMLN (16855)TLP (4913)MC (3144)Ind (862)
LA-36 Jammu-3Rana Adnan Jamil70493rdPTI (22096)PMLN (20467)TLP (7049)PPP (2609)JKUM (476)
LA-37 Jammu-4Arslan Rasheed 43783rdPTI (26039)PMLN (25726)TLP (4378)MC (2247)JKUM (1407)
LA-38 Jammu-5Zafar Iqbal Chaudhry28113rdPTI (14283)PMLN (8755)TLP (2811)JI (1737)MC (382)
LA-39 Jammu-6Rashid Mehmood16314thPMLN (9557)PTI (7510)PPP (2697)TLP (1631)MC (441)
LA-40 Valley-1 - PPP (2165)PTI (875)PMLN (442)PSP (16)MQM (5)
LA-41 Valley-2 - PTI (2326)PMLN (741)PPP (166)Ind (24)Ind (20)
LA-42 Valley-3 - PTI (1254)PMLN (1205)JI (159)PPP (155)MC (40)
LA-43 Valley-4 - PTI (782)PMLN (720)PPP (208)JKLL (71)MKTF (6)
LA-44 Valley-5Naseer Ullah Khan Durrani1015thPMLN (2027)MC (1195)PTI (601)PPP (550)TLP (101)
LA-45 Valley-6 - PTI (3138)Ind (2063)JI (292)Ind (3) ()

Polling process on the whole

Polling for AJK general election closes at 5PM and we are here to review polling process on the whole. All in all, the polling process wasn't too peaceful to cast votes peacefully as various incidents were reported across the country. Moreover, numerous contraventions of code of conduct were also observed.

  • Various polling camps of Tehreek Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) were uprooted across the country including AJ&K despite of clear instructions from chief election commissioner about political parties contesting elections.
  • A federal minister Ali Muhammad Khan was seen inside a polling station and pictures are circulating on social media.
  • In a rally in Sialkot, PTI's workers were overtly displaying the automatic weapons.

Police uproots various TLP polling camps in Pakistan as well as AJK

State is illegally using its power to threat TLP, uprooting its camps across the country and state of Azad Jammu and Kashmir. Videos goes viral on tweeter.

Polling process throughout the day

  • Polling process ends at 5:00 PM but the people inside the polling station can still cast their vote.
  • Result of any polling station won't be out any earlier than 2 hours after polling ends: CEC AJK
  • Polling process started at 8:00 AM which will be continued till 5:00 PM

About Election

  • Polling will start at 8:00 AM in the morning and will continue uninterrupted till 5:00 PM in the evening.
  • A total of 708 nominees from different parties including independent candidates will be contesting the election.
  • Elections will be held tomorrow (July 25, 2021) to elect 33 members of legislative house from AJ&K and 12 from constituencies of refugees across the Pakistan.
  • Out of 53 seats, 45 representatives will be elected through general election while 8 reserved seats will be allotted proportionally later

Nominated candidates by TLP

In case you don't know candidate in your constituency, here is the complete list of TLP candidates

Party position in election

Tehreek Labbaik Paksitan among the political parties nominated maximum candidates. Here is a look on top 5 political parties w.r.t number of fielded candidates.

How to cast your vote properly?

Warning: Your vote may be deemed as rejected if you don't do it taking due care. Watch this video for guidance

Why not Tehreek Labbaik Pakistan?

While you are casting your vote, don't forget that Islam is the divine religion and most of the people, contesting elections, belong to those who turned their backs to Islam and

  • Banned Adhan (call for prayer) using four (or more) loud speakers
  • All political parties were in national assembly when a clause about Khatam-e-Nabuwat (finality of the Prophethood) was revoked
  • Indicted capital sentence on Ghazi Malik Mumtaz Qadri
  • Blatantly applied state brutality on Faizabad 2017 sit-in of TLP for the cause of Khatam-e-Nabuwat
  • Released a blasphemer woman (twice sentenced by two courts) Asia Maloona, after history's vicious crackdown against Islamic scholars
  • Campaigned for election in the name of Aafia Siddiqui and didn't nothing after winning the contest
  • Invited Modi (Indian PM) in their family events
  • Took no practical steps after India revoked article 370, but silently sold IIOK in a collusion