Chehlum of Allama Khadim Hussain Rizvi: Detailed plan revealed for participants and traffic

Chehlum (commemoration ceremony after forty days of passing away) of Allama Khadim Hussain Rizvi will be held on January 3 (Sunday) at Jamia Masjid Rehmatulilalameen. "The congregation will be set up on main Multan Road Lahore (a main artery adjacent to the aforementioned mosque)", central executive committee of TLP announced earlier after its meeting on December 16. According to an alert from Punjab Safe Cities Authorities (PSCA), Multan road will remain closed for all types of traffic from scheme morr to yateem khana chowk on 2nd and 3rd January. As per the detailed plan revealed by TLP;

  • Participants are directed to enter the venue from scheme morr (Main boluveard Allama Iqbal town)
  • VIP enterance will be from Band Road
  • Media's vehicles will enter from yateem khana chowk as per the plan
  • Participants coming from ring road, band road and sherakot road will be diverted to scheme morr chowk via sabzazar scheme
  • The stage will be setup at yateem khana chowk