Several bar associations demand government to act upon Faizabad 2020 pact

District bars of Attock and Sheikupura joins other lawyers' bodies to demand severing of diplomatic ties with France and boycotting French products in Pakistan. In the notices issued on February 2nd, the bodies condemned the government's intentions to not abide by the Faizabad 2020 pact that it signed with TLP. "If the government steps back, lawyers will take severe action," the lawyers' bodies decided in their sessions as per the notices.

Earlier, Lahore Bar Association (LBA), in an official statement released on Saturday (January 30th) by its general secretary, demanded government to expel French ambassador before 16th of February as per its agreement. "Amid French blasphemy, lawyers are so agitated that they'd take severe action if government will not take solid steps to give a belittle reply to France," the bar announced in its session conducted on January 30 headed by president LBA Malik Sarood Ahmed Advocate.

In another notification, Jaranwala bar association also censured the government's mala fide intentions over Faizabad 2020 pact. The notice was released after bar's session in presidency of Malik Khalid Pervaiz Khokar.