Police refusal to file an FIR against qadiyanis pushes TLP to stage a sit-in in Bhalwal

In Bhalwal, a district of Sargodha, qadiyanis (a minority group calling themselves as Muslims but denying its prime obligations) are terming their worship place as "mosque" which is a contravention of constitution of Pakistan, which bars qadiyanis to call them as Muslims too. Local people and clerics contacted police on this but they deliberately refused to register an FIR against them. Pakistani institutes have to face a lot of pressure from influential qadiyanis in such cases. A number of notable Pakistani politicians and bureaucrats etc. remain in news often about their religious ethnicity.

After several unsuccessful attempts to get an FIR registered, TLP Bhalwal staged a sit-in at Bhalwal chowk and announced to keep it close untill the FIR is registered. Hundreds of people are present in the sit-in and are calling for nearby people to join them for the sake of safeguard of Islamic values.