Govt. claims of TLP being anti-state repuidated by its own MoIB report

Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MoIB) published a dossier on analysis of anti-state (twitter) trends. As per the report, the motive was to analyse the anti-state actors within country and hostile governments. The report introduction reveals that its about all trends since 2019 to 2021. The analysis is based on geolocation analysis of tweet contributors.

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In accordance with the facts, there is not even a single trend by TLP reported. While during TLP's sit-in in last April, government claimed that a large number of tweets in support of TLP were from India. And the fact was stated by PM as well but interestingly now, government's own MoIB's report is turning down their claims at that time

"We released that facts at that time, so not included in the report," information minister fawad chaudhary mumbled when asked about so in a private TV show. However, the report says that its an analysis of trends from 2019-2021. The report can be found on MoIB's digital media wing website.