Tehreek Labbaik Pakistan condemns Sialkot lynching and its false linking with TLP

Tehreek Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) condemned the killing and burning the dead body of a factory manager by a enraged mob in Sialkot. Spokesperson of TLP grieved over falsely linking the incident with the party. He said that anti-Islamic powers want to cause anarchy in Pakistan in the name of Islam to thrash religious parties.

"Every sane knows that colonial powers are trying to inflame sectarianism on languages, nationalities and provincialism for a long time. Now, once again they are trying to launch riots on minorities' rights against blasphemy laws to amend these," says TLP spokesperson in a press release.

Tehreek Labbaik Pakistan called for fair, thorough and impartial investigations into the incident from all the aspects including conspiracies against Islam and blasphemy laws. TLP demanded legal punishment for those involved and reiterated that no one will take law into hands if state provide justice as per facts and laws.