TLP can stage protest on same lines as it did in Faizabad'17: CEC annonuces amidst govt's unconstituional moves

TLP's Central Executive Committee (CEC), through a video message and a released document, has vowed to foil any attempt towards disabling constitution of Pakistan.

"If we accept it for now, any non-Muslim can be appointed as prime minister or president of Pakistan through a ruling of the speaker," the announcement reads in context of a recent ruling by deputy speaker of the national assembly which illegally nullified a no-trust motion against PM by the opposition.

TLP's statement after meeting of its CEC on current political situation (in Urdu language)

TLP CEC expressed their concerns over increased probability of amendments in 295-C and covertly appointing qadiyanis on prime positions. TLP clearly announced that if any attempt is made to disable the constitution of Pakistan, it'll react in the same way as it did in 2017 by staging sit-in at Faizabad interchange in Islamabad against omitting the oath on Khatam-e-Nabuwat from the election nomination forms. TLP requested judiciary to investigate into the current situation maintaining that it's a long time goal of qadiyanis to deactivate constitution of Pakistan.