TLP chief warns over PTI's letters to UN against blasphemy laws of constitution of Pakistan

Hafiz Saad Hussain Rizvi, TLP chief, censured PTI over its letter to UN seeking intervention in the blasphemy cases filed against the ex ruling party. The cases were filed recently after an allegedly pre-planned incident took place in the Holy Masjid e Nabwai (Madina Munaw'wra) where close affiliates of PTI and its workers chanted political slogans disrespecting sanctity of the holy place. Remember that the videos are circulating on social media where PTI leaders can be heard discussing the plan ahead of the incident.

After the cases registered in various police stations in Pakistan, PTI's prominent leader and former minister for human rights Shireen Mazari wrote letters to UN against the blasphemy laws (mainly 295) of the constitution of Pakistan. The letters have been written to UN's special rapporteur on extrajudicial summary or arbitrary executions, special rapporteur on the freedom of opinion and expression, and special rapporteur on the freedom of religion and belief. The move has been criticised by public deeming it as a covert collusion with western powers to abolish or weaken the blasphemy laws in Pakistan. The social media believes that any reservations over blasphemy cases against PTI could be raised before national platforms, but seeking help from UN intimates 'something else'. Writing a letter to rapporteur on extrajudicial summary or arbitrary executions and special rapporteur on the freedom of religion and belief can hardly be seen in context of blasphemy cases against the political party.

In his address to a weekly gathering in Jamia Masjid Rehmatalilalmeen on Thursday, Hafiz Saad Hussain Rizvi warned all the political parties against their actions to weaken blasphemy laws.

'You have seen us when we just reached Wazirabad, imagine if we reach Islamabad and we will if anyone tries to fiddle with blasphemy laws,' TLP chief was addressing the government and those who wrote the letters to UN.