ECP will reconsider and issue a new date for Karachi LG election; talks reach at a conclusion

Tehreek Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) staged peaceful sit-in in Karachi outside Sindh office of election commission of Pakistan (ECP). TLP hold a march on Thursday against postponement of local government elections in Sindh. Addressing the hundreds of thousands of participants of march at its final destination outside Sindh office of ECP, TLP Ameer for Karachi MPA Mufti Qasim Fakhri announced to remain there and offer prayers there.

ECP agrees to reconsider the date for LG elections on 28th August in talks with TLP delegation

TLP has ended its sit-in after talks with ECP reach at a decision. Announcing the details of the talks, MPA Mufti Qasim Fakhri announced that ECP agreed to reconsider the date for LG elections and issue a new (earlier) date for the elections. Furthermore, provincial election commission agreed to not allot excavator as an electoral symbol to any independent candidate.

"If Karachiites don't get their rights, I'll stage sit-in outside ECP Islamabad", Hafiz Saad Husaain Rizvi delivers Jummah sermon

Thousands of participants of TLP sit-in in Karachi, offered the Jummah prayer led by TLP Ameer Hafiz Saad Hussain Rizvi. In his sermon, Allama Saad Hussain Rizvi lambasted ECP Sindh for delaying local government election to facilitate ruling party covertly. He announced to stage a sit-in outside ECP Islamabad on larger scale if Karachiites remain deprived of their rights. "Nation is protesting outside election comission for one day, but they don't care at all. Offers, pressurizing, threats and finally delaying the elections by them clearly show that they've been dreadened of TLP," says TLP Ameer.

TLP demands to hold election on the announced date
  • TLP continues its sit-in, participants will offer Jummah prayer at 3PM، Hafiz Saad Hussain Rizvi will deliver the sermon and lead the prayer