Millions participate in TLP's Nazria e Pakistan march and conference

Tehreek Labbaik Pakistan organized Nazria e Pakistan march from Liaquat Bagh Rawalpindi to Faizabad interchange Islamabad where the Nazria e Pakistan conference took place.

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TLP's Nazria e Pakistan Conference at Faizabad Interchange
  • 12:20 AM- Nazria e Pakistan conference concluded with Darood o Salam
  • 11:22 PM- TLP Ameer Hafiz Saad Hussain Rizvi addressing now
    • Our ancestors chanted 'Hindustan will be divided, Pakistan will come into existence one day'. And now (in recent past), Allama Khadim Hussain Rizvi said that 'Islam will be on throne (in Pakistan) soon' and it'll happen soon inshaAllah.
    • Now, this nation can't stand experiments and experiments. Now the right path is crystal clear. The last solution for country crisis is the Islam.
    • I came to know that efforts are being made to call 'the thief' back in the country. If you will bring back him, let me tell you that you all will go with him as well this time.
    • TLP's stance on Kashmir amendments is clear. No amendment pertaining to Kashmir will be backed until Kashmiris agree for that.
    • We salute to the man who stabbed him (rushdi) fifteen times.
    • "Allama Khadim Hussain Rizvi once said that we would organize a historical gathering when malun Salman Rushdi will be killed"
    • "They denied us permission for Parade Ground saying that we were not allowed. Are you feeling any better now, Rana (Sanaullah, interior minister)?"
  • 11:10 PM- Addressing now: Syed ‍‍‍Zaheer ul Hassan Shah
  • 11:03 PM- Addressing now: Syed Inayat ul Haq Shah
  • 10:52 PM- Addressing now: Dr. Shafique Ameeni- "Those who tried to proscribe TLP last year, are fighting for their own existence and have run away to Lahore while we're in Islamabad. Majority of TLP's Central Executive Committee members were imprisoned last independence day and the party was proscribed. Many (people) were mistaken that TLP would never be able to regain its power and here we go now."
  • 10:48 PM- Addressing now: Chaudhary Rizwan Saifi
  • 10:44 PM- Addressing now: Allama Ghulam Abbas Faizi- "We congratulate whole Muslim ummah for attack on malun Sulman Rushdi. Don't forget that we (muslims) will reach and revenge blasphemers wherever they'll try to escape."
  • 10:38 PM- Addressing now: Mufti Umair Azhari
  • 10:31 PM- Addressing now: Peer Syed Sarwar Shah Saifi
  • 10:25 PM- Addressing now: Allama Farooq ul Hassan
  • Nazria e Pakistan Conference happening now at Faizabad Interchange
TLP's Nazria e Pakistan march from Liaquat Bagh to Faizabad Interchange
  • 10:00 PM- Nazria e Pakistan march reached at Faizabad interchange, its destination
  • 08:10 PM- Nazria e Pakistan march approaching Chandni Chowk flyover
  • 07:38 PM- March takes a break to offer Magrib prayer
  • 07:32 PM- Peer Syed Zaheer ul Hassan Shah arrives on stage
  • 07:20 PM- Father and son of Ghazi Malik Mumtaz Qadri RA joins TLP's Nazria e Pakistan March
  • 07:10 PM- March passed Committee Chowk, Murree Road

From where TLP's march is passing through?

Tehreek Labbaik Pakistan's Nazria e Pakistan march has set off for Faizabad interchange from Liaquat Bagh with hundreds of thousands of participants. But in case you have missed the march from starting point, you can still join it on its route to Faizabad. TLP's march is heading towards Faizabad interchange via Murree Road. The total distance is about 8 kilometers. Given that many participants are walking to the destination and march is pacing slowly, the distance is expected to be covered in approximately 3 hours. It'll take a break on its way for Magrib prayer as well.


  • 06:36 PM- Nazria e Pakistan march leaves for Faizabad interchange from Liaquat Bagh
  • 06:24 PM- TLP Ameer Hafiz Saad Hussain Rizvi arrives on container. Hafiz  Anas Rizvi, Peer Sarwar Saifi and Allama Ghulam Abbas Faizi has also reached on the container.
  • 05:22 PM- Allama Farooq ul Hassan arrives on stage
  • 05:05 PM- TLP leaders appearing on stage. Central leaders are on stage now including Qazi Mehmood Awan, Dr. Shafique Ameeni and Peer Syed Inayat ul Haq Shah.
  • Convoy of Hafiz Saad Hussain Rizvi has arrived at Liaquat Bagh Rawalpinid, the starting point of Nazria e Pakistan march which will soon leave for Faizabad interchange.