Counter Terrorism Dept. (CTD) Punjab to surveil TLP's scholars and their activities

Days after new government (of PTI) formed in Punjab province, Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) set to surveil the TLP's leaders, prayer leaders (A'ima) and the scholars. SSP CTD headquarters has disseminated it to district branches to monitor TLP workers and the administrations of the mosques affiliated with TLP.

"Majority of the mosques affiliated with TLP and its workers are changing the public thoughts against qadiyanis and the state. These mosques must be survived continuously to get updates about TLP's latest and future plans," the letter reads.

Though we don't have the letter issued by SSP CTD to district branches, a further notice issued to district intelligence officers by CTD district officer Okara (letter circulated on 12th August) asks its officers to do ground checking of the prayer leaders of the mosques affiliated with TLP. They are further directed to offer Friday prayers in those mosques and bring the report in Monday's (15th  August) meeting.

Remember that the thoughts of TLP for qadiyanis is the same as mentioned in the constitution of Pakistan which declares them non-Muslims and restrain them from using Islamic terms and values. Tehreek Labbaik Pakistan, being vocal for Islam and safeguarding the honor of the Last Prophet Hazrat Muhammad SAW, is being harrased by qadiyanis on key posts in various institutes.