Police kept on firing bullets even after conclusion of TLP's procession, 4 martyred


Fatal (Martyrs) 4
  • Muhammad Shakeel, Mansehra
  • Mubashir Bhatti, Mansehra
  • Hafiz Muhammad Azam, Kamoke
  • Ghazi Haider Ali Rizvi Shaheed, Kamoke (got injured on October 16th and embraced martyrdom on November 14th)
Critically injured 12  
Injured Hundreds  
Arrested at least 79  


Monday - October 17th
  • Namaz e Janaza of Ghazi Muhammad Azam Shaheed RA will be offered after Zuhr prayer at Jamia Masjid Rehmatulilalameen
  • Namaz e Janaza of some martyrs will be offered in Lahore, led by Hafiz Saad Hussain Rizvi
  • TLP's cavalcade returns back to Lahore after conclusion of Milad un Nabi procession in Havelian
  • TLP's Majlis e Shura decides to stay in Haripur rather than at Maqsood Shah interchange. The decision came after Police and FC kept of firing straight bullets after TLP announced end of its procession in Havelian city.
  • TLP announced to end its procession after clearing the entry point of Havelian and entered in the city. However, Police and FC is still firing straight bullets on the participants and we are getting reports of four martyrs so far.
Sunday - October 16th
  • Shelling started again and central containers of TLP leaders is being targeted
  • One of the dozens injured TLP workers embraced martyrdom. And injured are being shifted to different hospitals now.
Where is the procession now?

TLP's Milad un Nabi procession faced vicious use of tear gas shelling, stone pelting and straight firing from Police and FC. Dozens of workers get severely injured at that point but made their way to clear the route. The container crossed the blockades and now staying there. Dr. Shafiq Ameeni, from the stage, has called all the participants back near to the container who were ahead of the central container. For now, container is still there and injured are being moved to the hospitals. Main Bazar Havelian (final announced point) is still 6 Kilometers away.


  • Shelling started once again after procession crosses Chamba bridge
  • Workers trying to remove container on Chamba bridge
  • Vicious use of tear gas, firing and stone pelting. Dozens of workers are severly injured. However, now workers have managed to clear the route and entered in Havelian now.
  • وفاقی اور صوبائی حکومت کی جانب سے پیارے نبی صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم کی آمد کے سلسلے میں نکالے گئے جلوس پر حملہ

    متعدد کارکنان زخمی حالت تشویشناک#StopBrutalityOnTLP pic.twitter.com/EpZNjPFioS

    — TLP OFFICIAL (@TLPOFFICE72) October 16, 2022
  • Meeting of centeral executive committee is still ongoing. We'll update here as soon as leadership announces something
  • TLP's central executive committee is meeting now to announce next plan. Workers across the country are advised to be prepared
  • Tear gas shelling started. The front line of the procession is facing tear gas shells being fired at Chamba bridge. Firing shots heard. Several participants get injured. Along with heavy tear gas shelling, contingents are pelting stones on the participants as well.
  • TLP's Milad un Nabi procession passes Baldher Railway Station
  • March passes the point where it was interuptted last week.
  • Procession a few kilometers away from Havelian. Entrance point has been blocked with containers installed by the government. Reports of digging trenches on the way.
  • Cellular and internet services suspended in the district
What might happen next?
Hafiz Saad Hussain Rizvi is leading a procession from Haripur to Havelian on the same route where it was interrupted by police last Sunday. The route is nearly 25 kilometres long starting from Siddique e Akbar Chowk Haripur to Ameer Muavia Chowk Havelian. KPK government has installed containers to block the route on same point where it dispersed the procession last week which is Chamba bridge. It can be deemed as starting point of Havelian and we can expect first interruption here. It's about 17 kilometers from the starting point of the procession.


  • TLP's Milad un Nabi procession leave for Havelian from Siddique e Akbar Chowk, Haripur: TLP's procession started soon after Hafiz Saad Hussain Rizvi arrived in Haripur along with a miles long cavalcade. Hafiz Anas Hussain Rizvi and Peer Syed Zaheer ul Hassan Shah is also among the leaders on the container.
  • Hafiz Saad Hussain Rizvi has reached Haripur, procession will leave for Havelian shortly
  • Hafiz Saad Hussain Rizvi minutes away from Haripur now
  • Cavalcade now near Gujar Khan
  • Hafiz Saad Hussain Rizvi reaches Jehlum
  • Huge number of participants starts gathering at Siddique e Akbar Chowk, Haripur.
  • Hafiz Saad Hussain Rizvi expected to leave at 4 AM from Jamia Masjid Rehamtulilalameen, Lahore leading the cavalcade to Haripur.
Saturday - October 15th