"Who targeted and killed our workers from back," Hafiz Saad questions all the institutions

While addressing a press conference, Hafiz Saad Hussain Rizvi clarified that they (TLP) concluded their procession more than three kilometres from the boundary of Havelian city, the area where the peace agreement applies. He questioned all the responsible institutes that why TLP workers were targeted with gun shots when they were returning back.

"It is a question to everyone. It is a question to army chief, chief justice, prime minister, chief minister, interior minister and anyone on a key post," said Hafiz Saad Hussain Rizvi.

Answering a question, Hafiz Saad Hussain Rizvi revealed that no one is curing their injured workers, no one is carrying out autopsy of the martyrs. "Police is not carrying out autopsy, magistrate is not releasing order for that. At one point, they tried to disappear the corpse and kidnapped the ambulance driver on the other," Hafiz Saad Hussain Rizvi went on and asks journalists, "You told me where should I go with these bodies. We are oppressed, and they're filing FIRs against us."

During the press conference, TLP also presented the video evidence of the concluding session of the procession where gunshots can be heard clearly.