Hafiz Saad Rizvi reaches Supreme Court, Government withdraws appeal against LHC decision to curb blasphemous content

Ameer Tehreek Labbaik Pakistan Hafiz Saad Hussain Rizvi reached Supreme Court of Pakistan (SCP) on Tuesday amid hearing of government appeals against LHC decision. In June 2021, Lahore High Court ordered government to remove blasphemous content from social media in Pakistan and taking measures to put an stop to publishing of the Holy Quran with distorted translations. However, former government (led by PTI) appealed against decision of LHC which implied that government is willing spread of blasphemous material in the country. The case was set for hearing on Tuesday when Hafiz Saad Hussain Rizvi reached SCP on the request of lawyers defending the case. In a press conference after government agreed to withdraw the appeals, the lawyers told that they contacted government several times to withdraw the appeals and many religious parties to support them. Remember that the leaders of only two religious parties reached there on the ocassion including TLP chief Hafiz Saaf Hussain Rizvi.