Two blasphemy cases in two days; what do we know so far

Faisalabad case

Faisalabad FIR According to reports, TLP Faisalabad was informed that a woman (resident of City Housing Society, Sargodha Road, Faisalabad) falsely claimed 'prophethood'. Regional leaders of TLP contacted Faisalabad Police who arrived at the spot where people had gathered outside the blasphemer's house chanting the slogans. Faisalabad Police led by City Police Officer (CPO) Faisalabad Ali Nasir Rizvi arrested the woman and shifter her to an 'undisclosed' location. As per the FIR copy available with us, the arrested woman is a corroborator of her sister (resident of Lahore) who claimed 'prophethood'. In her viral video, the arrested woman (hina anjum) can be seen witnessing her sister's (sana) false 'prophethood' claims and that they both (sisters) get 'relevations'.

After a day long efforts on Friday, hina anjum and her husband were arrested from Faisalabad under charges of 295-A, 295-B, 295-C and 298-A for witnessing sanaullah's false prophethood claims. In a video, released by TLP Faisalabad in the presence of Naib Ameer TLP Peer Syed Zaheer ul Hassan Shah, TLP has claimed that the claimant of prophethood (sana), her witnesses (hina anjum and her husband) have been arrested. However, we couldn't verify the reports of any action against sanaullah through independent sources.

Jhelum case

Jhelum FIR In a separate incident, just a day after the Faisalabad incident, a man in Sara-i-Alamgeer was arrested under charges of 295-C for falsely claiming prophethood. As per the registered FIR a man (shehbaz), who was armed with a knife, entered in a mosque without taking his shoes off threating the supplicants. He sat on the pulpit and claimed that he was a prophet, and attacked the plaintiff with knife leaving him injured. The accused was arrested later when workers of TLP and Ameer Allama Asim Ashfaq Rizvi gathered at TLP's regional office and contacted the police.