TLP endorses shutter-down strike against lack of govt. actions after Mastung blast

In a press conference, Ulema e Ahl-e-Sunnat (scholars of Ahl-e-Sunnat) announced a shutter-down strike against the lack of actions and a show of utter irresponsibility from government after Mastung blast which caused nearly 60 fatalities. On the occasion of Eid e Mawlid un Nabi, a bomb was blasted on the site of starting point of a procession resulting more than 55 participants martyrdom and hundreds of them got injured. The bodies of the martyrs and injured persons were initially shifted to Civil Hospital Quetta where the facilities were inadequate. 

"The families of the injured persons were bandaging their beloved ones on their on in the trauma centre of the Civil Hospital," told in the press conference.

A provincial TLP leader told that their workers donated around 60 to 70 blood bags on Friday and the hospital staff 'misplaced' them. "Next day, we were told that there was not enough blood and when we questioned about the blood our workers donated, they asked if we have any receipts of our donations. Like we would care about receipts at that panicking moments?"

"They're not letting us enter the hospital. Doctors were saying if your (scholars) injured persons are here you think this hospital is yours now." He described the attitude of the doctors with them. "We're surely not here for picnic. We want to make sure the injured persons are getting the care they need right now." 

Remember that no compensation has been announced for any martyr or injured by the government. It is worth mentioning here that the chief justice faiz esa, chief of army staff asim munir and a lot of politicians issued prompt statements when the Jaranwala incident happened. However, none of the aforementioned personalities uttered a word since the Mastung blast.