General Election 2024 - Coverage


Election comission announces first official result 

Election comission has announced first official result from PK-76 where an independent candidate has won the contest. You can find the results on our election page.

Polling time ended, counting to start very soon

The time allotted for polling has been ended. However, the people inside the polling station will be able to cast their votes. The counting will start after that.

Suspension of cellular and internet services

TLP strongly criticises the suspension of cellular and internet services across the country. In a statement, TLP sees this as a tactic to rig the elections. 

Has TLP emerged stronger than 2018 this time?

According to our analysis, the porportion of candidates of TLP has significantly increased in this elections compared to the general elections of 2018. A substantial increase has been observed in almost all the provinces for both national and provinical assembly seats. In the general election of 2018, TLP candidates contested election for only 26.67% of total national assembly seats in the Balochistan province. This number has been jumped to 56.25% this time.  


Polling will start at 8:00 AM and will continue untill 5:00 PM

Welcome to the live coverage of General Election 2024.