Lahore High Court nullifies detention of Hafiz Saad Rizvi

After 58 days of first hearing of case, again on Friday, LHC nullifies detention of Hafiz Saad Hussain Rizvi (copy of LHC order). This decision came out just 7 days before TLP chief completing full term of detention. The ruling bench of LHC is the sixth bench hearing the case in total of its 15 hearings. Lawyers of petitioner Ameer Hussain, argued that the grounds of this detention have already been declared null and void by review board. Government lawyers couldn't satisfy the court on this and LHC consequently ordered against detention. Release orders expected to be issued today.

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What was this case about and how did it go?

Uncle of detained chief of Tehreek Labbaik Pakistan, Ameer Hussain, has challenged his nephew's latest detention orders issued by DC Lahore. Government detained Hafiz Saad Rizvi for 90 days under ATA 1997 act after completion of 90 days under PMO and dismissal of government's request to extend it beyond 90 days.

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The bench changed six times, reasons of which are still "unknown" to us. Though the first three judges (justice shamas mehmood, justice shan gul and justice tariq nadeem) clearly refused to hear the case alone. According to analysts, it intimates the pressure on judiciary in context of Hafiz Saad Rizvi's case.

This is still not clear why the judges refused to hear the case when its just about a single person's detention with a "handful" supporters (according to government)? And if the detention is on merit, why the case is being fixed before very low seniority judges who are avoiding case due to "undisclosed" reasons? Remember that Shehzad Akbar, special aide to PM, visited former LHC chief justice (acting at that time) one day before LHC judges' based review board was going to weigh government's plea to extend Hafiz Saad Rizvi's detention under PMO.

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What happened so far?

Hearing DateJudge (Seniority)Proceeding
Friday Oct 1, 2021Justice Tariq Saleem Sheikh (26/49)The court nullified the detention orders of Hafiz Saad Hussain rizvi. (copy of LHC order)
Thursday Sept 30, 2021Justice Tariq Saleem Sheikh (26/49)Case adjourned till next day directing government to provide attested documents.
Wednesay Sept 29, 2021Justice Tariq Saleem Sheikh (26/49)Lawyers of both parties completed arguments. Case adjourned till next day with an intimation of decision coming out.
Monday Sept 27, 2021Justice Tariq Saleem Sheikh (26/49)The case was adjourned till next day 28 since "the government's lawyers couldn't prepare for the case."
Wednesay Sept 22, 2021Justice Tariq Saleem Sheikh (26/49)The case was adjourned till September 27 since "the government's lawyer needs to get documents from Islamabad for preparation of case."
Tuesday Sept 21, 2021Justice Tariq Saleem Sheikh (26/49)The case was adjourned till next day after proceeding.
Monday Sept 20, 2021Justice Tariq Saleem Sheikh (26/49)The case was adjourned till next day after proceeding.
Wednesday Sept 15, 2021Justice Tariq Saleem Sheikh (26/49)The judge adjourned case till September 20 after hearing arguments of Ameer Hussain's lawyer.
Thursday Sept 9, 2021Justice Tariq Saleem Sheikh (26/49)The judge adjourned case till September 15 after hearing arguments of Ameer Hussain's lawyer. The case was adjourned due to absence of attorney general from government's side.
Tuesday Sept 7, 2021Justice Farooq Haider (31/49)Justice Farooq Haider referred case file to chief justice to fix before any judge who had heard it before.
Monday Sept 6, 2021Justice Farooq Haider (31/49)Case adjourned without any proceeding due to absence of summoned chief secretary Punjab.
Wednesday August 25, 2021Justice Amjad Rafiq (42/49)The judge ruled that the case must be proceeded by single bench and issued summons for parties adjourning case till September 6, 2021
Tuesday August 17, 2021Justice Tariq Nadeem (41/49)Justice Tariq adjourned the case till August 17, 2021 without any proceeding remarking that single bench can't hear this case and a three members' bench will hear this case. It is worth mentioning here that the case was fixed for hearing in the courts of judges of very low seniority.
Wednesday August 11, 2021Justice Tariq Nadeem (41/49)-
Wednesday August 6, 2021Justice Shan Gul (48/49)Being the very first hearing, justice Shan Gul issued the notices to parties and adjourned the hearing till August 11, 2021 which then took place before a single member bench of justice Tariq Nadeem
Monday August 4, 2021Justice Shamas Mehmood Mirza (12/49)Justice Shamas Mehmood Mirza refused to hear the case and the bench was dismissed. The registrar fixed the case for hearing before justice Shan Gul on August 6, 2021; and again a single bench.