Federal review board revokes its order of extension in Hafiz Saad's detention

Federal review board, in its meeting today (October 9), revoked its order of extension in Hafiz Saad Hussain Rizvi's detention. Review board ordered the forthwith release of TLP chief. The review board maintained that when Lahore High Court (LHC) has nullified the detention, its beyond review board's constitutional jurisdiction to extend the detention.

Earlier, Federal review board, in its meeting on October 2nd, allowed Punjab government to extend Hafiz Saad's detention for one month on its request. However, secretary of federal review board was later informed by petitioner that the said request was made concealing order of Lahore High Court (LHC) which nullified Hafiz Saad's illicit detention. Secretary federal review board ensured to take up the matter in next meeting that took place on Saturday.

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What is going on?

LHC declared Hafiz Saad Rizvi's second detention as illegal and ordered to release him forthwith on October 1, 2021. However government, trying hard to detain Hafiz Saad Rizvi forever, requested federal review board to allow extension in Hafiz Saad's detention via an application on September 29th which was allowed in review board's virtual meeting on October 2nd. Ameer Hussain, uncle of Hafiz Saad Rizvi and petitioner of earlier case in LHC, filed another petition against superintendent Kot Lakh Pat Jail Lahore for not releasing Hafiz Saad Rizvi in spite of court orders. Meanwhile, an application was submitted to federal review board for reviewing and recalling the extension notice.

What happened so far?

Hearing DateJudge (Seniority)Proceeding
Friday Oct 8, 2021Justice Tariq Saleem Sheikh (26/49)Government lawyer didn't submit the response sought by court in last hearing stating that it couldn't be done due to short notice. The court asked petitioner to implead provincial and federal governments too in the case. On enquiry, petitioner's lawyers informed court that an application was submitted to federal review board which is likely to review its extension order in upcoming meeting. Justice Tariq Saleem Sheikh ruled to make that application part of the case too. The court appointed two amicus curiae (impartial advisers of court) for this case who will advise court on if review board's decision could be challenged before court, effect of review board's order on LHC's decision of October 1 and initializing conduct of court against functionaries of Punjab government.
The case was adjourned till October 11.
Wednesday Oct 06, 2021Justice Tariq Saleem Sheikh (26/49)Court raged at not releasing TLP chief in spite of its orders. Government attorney asked for a week to inquire superintendent jail about it and informing court. The court rejected the request and ruled to submit a para wise answers by superintendent jail in two days on next hearing. The case was adjourned till October 8.