Peaceful protest to be continued until Hafiz Saad Rizvi gets released: CEC TLP

Tuesday October 12, 2021

22:00 Peaceful protest to be continued
Central Executive Committee (CEC) of TLP announced that the ongoing peaceful protest will be continued until Hafiz Saad Hussain Rizvi get released.

15:00 What happened in SCP today?
Supreme court's two members' bench heard the appeal of Punjab government against the order of LHC which nullified the illicit detention of Hafiz Saad Hussain Rizvi. The court observed that both the parties may haven't handled it properly and ruled to remand the case again to LHC's division bench. In simple terms, which means that the previous LHC order may be on some flaws in hearing process and the case to re-heard by a division bench (not a single member bench). It implies that the previous order will be considered suspended until a new order by LHC. According to reports, a two-member LHC bench will hear the petition now. Remember that, parties will still have right to challenge the decision of this division bench before SCP.

Monday October 11, 2021

22:00 Latest statement of CEC TLP
Central Executive Committee (CEC) of Tehreek Labbaik Pakistan (TLP), in its recent video message, warned government not to test their patience now. Leadership of TLP mentioned that they filed a petition in Islamabad High Court (IHC), six months back, seeking a copy of govt.'s decision to proscribe TLP but govt. didn't provide that even on the order of IHC. Consequently, a contempt of court petition was filed in which IHC again directed govt. to provide the copy but it didn't. CEC TLP expressed wrath over government trampling orders of all courts again and again. In this video message, CEC reiterated that all the leadership and workers will remain in Jamia Masjid Rehmatulilalameen and they'll remain there for the welcome of detained TLP chief Hafiz Saad Hussain Rizvi, who should be released now. Remember that now Hafiz Saad Hussain Rizvi has completed even total 90 days of his second detention.

15:00 Hearing in Lahore High Court
LHC has ordered CCPO to receive the surety bonds and complete the routine process till tomorrow. The hearing adjourned till 11 AM tomorrow with ruling of CCPO to be in court in-person again. Earlier, LHC summoned CCPO Lahore when the hearing started and adjourned it for two hours.

13:15 Govt. challenges LHC decision
Punjab government has challenged LHC's decision in supreme court of Pakistan (SCP) which nullified the illicit detention of Hafiz Saad Rizvi. However, challenging the decision has no legal affect on release of TLP chief for the time being. Two members bench, consisting of justice ijaz ul hassan and justice mazahar ali akbar naqvi, will hear the case tomorrow (Tuesday) in Lahore registry of supreme court of Pakistan.

Sunday October 10, 2021

--:-- Peaceful protest in Karachi
Peaceful demonstrations were observed, in Karachi on Sunday, against government's contravention of LHC, SCP FRB and ATC orders to release Hafiz Saad Rizvi. The protesters were holding placards with slogans demanding forthwith release of TLP chief.

19:30 Reports of police raids
We are receiving reports of police raids on leadership and workers' houses in several cities including Jehlum, Narowal, Sahiwal and many more cities and towns. Central Executive Committee (CEC) TLP is directing whole leadership and workers to reach secretariat at Jamia Masjid Rehmatulilalameen Lahore since Saturday. In fresh messages, leadership from Lahore has directed all workers to reach Lahore secretariat as soon as possible.

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