Hafiz Saad Hussain Rizvi urges authorities to take decisive steps against India after blasphemy

Tehreek Labbaik Pakistan organized Namoos e Risalat rallies across the country on Friday against blasphemous statements by the leaders of Indian ruling party. Local chapters hold marches in numerous cities including Rawalpindi, Quetta, Sargodha, Gujranwala and Karachi are a few to name. A massive rally took place in Lahore which was led by Ameer TLP Hafiz Saad Hussain Rizvi. Namoos e Risalat rally started from Data Darbar after Jummah prayer and concluded at Darbar Hazrat Allama Khadim Hussain Rizvi. On its way, the rally was paused at MAO college for special prayer remembering the martyrs of TLP's long march to Islamabad in last October.

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During the concluding address, Hafiz Saad Hussain Rizvi urged authorities to take decisive steps against India after the blasphemous statements by its ruling party leaders. Remember that the spokesperson of Indian ruling party (BJP) uttered blasphemous statements in an TV interview few days ago. Following that, BJP suspended the party membership of spokesperson and issued a statement claiming that it respects all religions and religious personalities. However, BJP didn't mention anything about the aforementioned incident and didn't apologize for blasphemous statements and hurting the Muslims sentiments.

Hafiz Saad Hussain Rizvi maintained that they (TLP) can compromise on anything but the honour of the Last Prophet Hazrat Muhammad SAW. 'If anyone will try to commit blasphemy, we will wipe them out,' said Hafiz Saad Hussain Rizvi in his very emotional address.

Allama Farooq ul Hassan, Allama Ghulam Ghous Baghdadi, Peer Syed Sarwar Shah Saifi, Allama Ghulam Abbas Faizi, Hafiz Anas Rizvi and many other leaders were also present at the ocassion and address the participants.