Sit-in shifted to Lahore again, Namoos e Risalat march reached back to Lahore

Casualities (so far)

NatureConfirmed numbersBreakdownCause
Fatal (martyrs)15MAO, Lahore: 2
Bati Chowk: 3
Rana Town: 1
Sadhoke: 4
In hospital: 2 (MAO: 1 + Bati Chwk: 1)
Place not confirmed yet: 3
Straight bullets fired by police and rangers (firing through helicopter too at Sadhoke)
Critically injuredhundredsMAO, Lahore: ~40-50
Bati Chowk: ~50-60
Sadohke: hundreds
Straight bullets fired by police and rangers (firing through helicopter too at Sadhoke)
Organs/body parts wastedhundredsStraight bullets, stun grenades (and acid spray at Sadhoke)

Monday, November 8

02:00 - Namoos e Risalat march reached back to Lahore

In light of upcoming Urs e Mubarak of Allama Khadim Hussain Rizvi and encouraging developments on government's progress on paractical work agreed in agreement with TLP, Central Executive Committee (CEC) of TLP decided to shift sit-in from Wazirabad to Lahore again. Namoos e Risalat march set-off for Lahore on Monday evening and reached back Lahore after midnight.

Sunday, November 7

Interior ministry notifies "de-proscription" of TLP

After approval from federal cabinet yesterday, interior ministry has finally revoked its notification declaring TLP as a proscribed organization.

Allama Farooq ul Hassan get released; addresses Wazirabad sit-in

Saturday, November 6

After Punjab provincial cabinet and PM, federal cabinet also approves summary seeking removal of TLP from list of proscribed organizations

Federal cabinet has signed a circulation summary today, paving way for TLP to out from list of banned organizations. Interior department will now issue a final notification

Bail appeals of several Central Executive Committee (CEC) TLP members accepted by ATC Lahore

Anti-terrorism court (ATC) Lahore accepted bail requests for several Majlis-e-Shura members of TLP including Allama Ghluam Ghous Baghdadi, Engineer Hafeez Ullah Alvi and Allama Farooq ul Hassan. Bail appeals were filed for 29 cases and all of them were approved during court proceedings.

Thursday, November 4

Hafiz Saad Hussain Rizvi's uncle withdraw case against illicit detention after its maintainability issue

Ameer Hussain, uncle of TLP chief, filed a case against Hafiz Saad Hussain Rizvi's detention in July this year on which Lahore High Court (LHC) ruled the detention as illegal on October 01, 2021. However, Punjab government appealed against the ruling in supreme court which remanded case back to LHC. Now, LHC is taking up case when actual 90 days of detention have been passed. So, petitioner withdrew the case which was against a detention which has been completed now.

Punjab cabinet approves summary to remove TLP from "proscribed" organizations list

Punjab cabinet has approved the summary of home department Punjab to remove TLP from proscribed organizations. After provincial approval, Punjab government will recommend federal government to remove TLP from banned parties list.

Wednesday, November 3

Hearing of Hafiz Saad Hussain Rizvi's case adjourned till tomorrow; government did neither take back appeal nor reference

The case on detention of Hafiz Saad Hussain Rizvi was fixed before a two membered bench of LHC today which was remanded back to high court by supreme court in October. After a short proceeding, the hearing was adjourned till tomorrow. It was expected, after reaching an agreement with TLP, that government will take this appeal and the reference to federal review board back to pave the path for release of TLP chief but it wasn't observed which raised suspicions on intentions of government, once again, about acting upon agreement.

Tuesday, November 2

More than two thousand TLP workers and leaders got released from jails in Punjab

Monday, November 1

20:00 - Funeral prayer of Ghazi Bakhtawar Ali Rizvi Shaheed offered in Mohlanwal Lahore after Isha prayer

A huge number of people offered the funeral prayer of Ghazi Bakhtawar Ali Rizvi offered in Lahore after Isha prayer. Ghazi Bakhtawar Ali Rizvi was critically injured by police and rangers' firing on Namoos E Risalat march at Batti Chowk Lahore on Saturday, October 23rd. Due to ongoing operation and LEAs denying ambulances to the participants of the long march, he couldn't be shifted to hospital promptly. After botched attempt of vicious abuse of power by governmnet, he was shifted and admitted in Jinnah hospital but left for his immortal life on Saturday (October 30th).

10:00 - Sit-in has been shifted to park, GT road is open for traffic now

02:00 - Sit-in to be continued in a park, GT road will be opened for traffic

Mufti Muneeb ur Rehman addressed the sit-in in Wazirabad. Peer Syed Zaheer ul Hassan Shah and Allama Dr. Shafiq Ameeni were also released and reached the sit-in. In the address, Mufti Muneeb ur Rehman paid gratitude to all participants of the long march, their parents and relatives. He attributed the popularity of TLP to the sincerity of Allama Hafiz Khadim Hussain Rizvi and the determination of his sons. On the end of his address, Mufti Muneeb ur Rehman directed workers to follow directions of the leadership and move their sit-in to nearby park when asked to do so.

Sunday, October 31

18:45 - Any decision about ending the long march will be announced after meeting of Majlis-e-Shura: spokesman TLP

In a statement for press, spokesman of Tehreek Labbaik Pakistan announced that any decision about fate of long march will be made in meeting of Central Executive Committee (CEC) of Tehreek Labbaik Pakistan (TLP). He hoped that steering committee (announced in press conference) will be working efficiently and nation will hear good news soon. He maintained that TLP can never think of chaos in country for which our predecessors gave myriad sacrifices. However, peaceful protest is our legal and constitutional right. He praised everyone who played their role for peaceful talks for the cause of Islam and love of the Pakistan.

15:00 - Successful negotiations concluded between TLP and the government: Mufti Muneeb ur Rehman

Mufti Muneeb ur Rehman, in a press conference along with government and TLP's negotiating teams, announced about government reaching an agreement with TLP. Though the details of the agreement have not been unveiled yet, a steering committee has been formed which will monitor the actions on this agreement. The steering committee consists of ali muhammad khan (head; govt.), raja basharat (member; govt.), home secretary Punjab (member; govt.), secretary ministry of interior Pakistan (member; govt.), Allama Ghulam Ghous Baghdadi (member; TLP) and Allama Engineer Hafeez Ullah Alvi (member; TLP). The committee will be considered functional from today and will be ensuring implementation of the agreement. Allama Ghulam Abbas Faizi (TLP), Mufti Umair Al-Azhari (TLP), Allama Bashir Farooqi, shah mehmood qureshi (govt.), asad qaiser (govt.) and ali muhammad khan (govt.) were also present in the press conference.

So far, we didn't recieve any information about future of Namoos E Risalat long march and nothing was mentioned about it in the press conference either. However, it is being expected that Mufti Muneeb ur Rehman will reach in sit-in Wazirabad and will announce end of sit-in after which long march will be concluded.

Saturday, October 30

18:00 - Govt. intends to carry out operation after talks; has started arresting our workers in Wazirabad: spokesman TLP

Spokesman TLP, in a statement, has warned government to stop activities against TLP's Namoos e Risalat march while engaged in negotiations. He maintained that TLP's long march was paused in Wazirabad on request of government and will not move forward till the process of talks completed. Earlier, government assured that police will refrain from any activity against TLP but it has started arresting TLP workers in Wazirabad which in condemnable. He told that government is planning to carry out an operation against TLP after negotiations which will have worst aftermaths. He asked government to abide by what agreed during talks.

16:00 - Three membered government's negotiating committee meets with TLP's Central Executive Committee (CEC): press release

TLP issued a press release in which it is told that a three membered government's negotiating team including shah mehmood qureshi, asad qaisar and ali muhammad khan met with TLP's CEC members. TLP's delegation was comprising of its detained chief Hafiz Saad Hussain Rizvi, imprisoned CEC members and negotiating team. After the sitting, government's team headed for a meeting with PM for the approval of demands. After which a final sitting is expected in today's evening.

10:00 - TLP pauses its long march in Wazirabad amid an impartial delegation of scholars trying to mediate

A delegation of more than 20 prominent scholars, including Peer Syed Haseen ud Din Shah, is trying to diffuse the situation. However, the government's attitude towards them is not encouraging and apparently it seems like government is not willing to act upon even a single clause of its agreement with TLP. A meeting of this delegation was scheduled with prime minister yesterday who didn't meet and directed them to president first. Later last night, the delegation was briefed about whole situation for around four hours. After which the meeting with PM was rescheduled for today. Though TLP's leader mentioned that nobody contacted them for talks after reaching Islamabad, TLP has paused its long march in Wazirabad till the outcome of efforts of this delegation. This shows the flexibility of TLP and its willingness to diffuse the tensions but seemingly government needs a dangerous clash between the nation and state institutions anyway.

01:00 - Government didn't make any contact for last two days, making false statements on screens: Allama Syed Sarwar Saifi

Allama Syed Sarwar Saifi, member Central Executive Committee (CEC) TLP, clarified in a video message that government is reluctant toward talks and nobody contacted TLP for last two days. He mentioned that TLP's negotiating team was called in Islamabad who reached there two days ago but didn't hear anything from government after reaching there. Government is making false statements about negotiations on media channels and the whole responsibility of any exacerbated situation will be on government.

Friday, October 29

Latest from worldwide protests

20:30 - Namoos E Risalat march entering Wazirabad from Molana Zafar Ali Khan Chowk, will stay in Wazirabad today

Worldwide call for protests against violation of human rights by govt. of Pakistan

Many religious and political organizations have called for protest/demonstrations after Friday prayer, against government's behaviour towards Tehreek Labbaik Pakistan. The protests against government are not only being reported within country but seen other countries too. A protest was staged before Pakistani high commission London by British Pakistani community yesterday and a letter of protest was handed over. The protest by Pakisatni community in UK is still going on and the next demonstration is at Town Hall, Blackburn today at 2:00 PM (BST).

Thursday, October 28

23:40 - Interior minister apologises over fawad chaudhary calling TLP as militant group

During a talk show on an private TV channel, sheikh rasheed implored to forgive him over the fawad chaudhray's comments about TLP. Remember that minister of broadcasting and information termed TLP as militant group yesterday and blamed that it was getting foreign funding. It clarified that the press conference of fawad chaudahary was amalgam of fabricated and baseless allegations against TLP.

23:00 - pemra bans BOL NEWS on coverage of Tehreek Labbaik Pakistan's Namoos E Risalat march

PEMRA banned 'BOL News' on coverage of Tehreek Labbaik Pakistan's march. We appreciate efforts of management of BOL News for airing neutral and true facts before the nation. We condemn this action of pemra.

20:20 - Talks on one hand, crackdown on the other hand. What does government want to do?

On one hand, government is engaged in talks with TLP's leadership while its practical work so far supports the opposite. Here is what government did today against TLP;

  • PEMRA notifies ban on airing coverage of Tehreek Labbaik Pakistan
  • Several social media activists of TLP apprehended by FIA
  • Suspended thousands of notable scholars and TLP workers social media accounts including official twitter handler of Tehreek Labbaik Pakistan
  • Interior ministry asks legal help from law ministry for permanent ban on TLP

18:00 - British Pakistanis and overseas protest before London high comission against use of force on Namoose e Risalat march

British Pakistanis and overseas from all over the UK staged a protest before london high commission of Pakistan against behavior of Pakistani government in context of Namoos e Risalat march. The speakers asked government to act upon its agreements with TLP rather than declaring it proscribed or militant group. The participants were holding placards with the pictures of innocent people martyred by police and rangers since the start of the Namoos E Risalat march.

16:10 - Funeral prayer of Ghazi Hafiz Javed Shaheed will be offered at 4:30 PM at Gujranwala flyover

FACT CHECK: Government trying to blame for death of policmen who died in a road accident

Government is claiming that TLP killed several policemen during a clash. Minister of information and broadcasting fawad chaudhary's shared the pictures of the died personnel. On research, we found a video where it can easily be judges that the police men were killed in a road collision while heading for operation against TLP. Below is the tweet of federal minister and the actual video about cause of death of these police personnel.

Mufti Muneeb warns government to correct its behaviour towards TLP, demands a serious negotiation committee by government

11:10 - Namoos e Risalat long march leaves Kamoke for Islamabad

Wednesday, October 27

Notable journalists/analysts question how can TLP be deemed as militant group on organising a long march when ruling PTI did the same back in 2014

There is an uproar on media against government's move to declare TLP as militant group. Many notable journalists and analysts questions declaring TLP as militant group on organising a long march when ruling party PTI did the same and staged a 126 days long sit-in back in 2014. Honorable Sami Ibraheem, honorable Arif Hameed Bhatti, Dr. Shahid Masood, Ansar Abbasi, Kamran Shahid, Mehr Bukhari, Dr. Danish and many other analysts warned government about its absurd move to declare TLP as extremist group and asked for a peaceful solution of the issue. During the talk shows, PTI representatives had no justification to declare peaceful TLP as terrorist group when PTI urged nation for civil disobedience, attack on parliament and PTV buildings in 2014.

Numerous lawyers and traders unions call for protest against government's use of brutality

Various bar associations across the country has called for protest against government's vicious use of force against Namoos e Risalat SAW march en-route to Islamabad. On the other side, Lahore hall road and Ichra bazar was closed right after Sadhoke operation and traders protested against the operation. In a video message, convener Karachi traders action committee has demanded government to stop use of force, go on talks table with TLP and act upon its agreement with TLP.

If TLP's stance was wrong, then why did government sign agreement thrice with TLP to expel french ambassador?

Now, government says that it couldn't expel french ambassador and TLP's demands are undoable, then the question is why did government sign agreements thrice with TLP through its federal ministers. Firstly, interior minister, minister for religious affairs and deputy commissioner signed an agreement with TLP on November 16, 2020 where government agreed to expel french ambassador after debate in parliament within three months. Later, government asked for extension in deadline and signed another agreement on February 11, 2021 which was announced by prime minister of media channels. On April 20, government signed another agreement with TLP where it vowed to held a voting on resolution of french ambassador in parliament. Now, TLP is just demanding government to act upon its all three agreements which have same demand in principle but government is now declaring a peaceful third largest political party as a militant group. Interestingly, minister for broadcasting and information mentioned that this party has no weapons like militants group. But its amazing that government is still declaring it as a militant group.

20:37 - ALERT: Firing started on Karchi sit-in

The sit-in in Karchi, for solidarity with TLP's long march, is being targeted by police and rangers and straight bullets are being fired by forces.

20:14 - Tehreek Labbaik Paksitan issues press release on fallacious statements by interior minister

Tehreek Labbaik Pakistan issues another press release over allegations by sheikh rasheed on fallacious bases

  • Tehreek Labbaik Paksitan is a party of patriotic Pakistani citizens and don't need any certificate of patriotism from anyone
  • Sheikh rasheed needs to look his past
  • Sheikh rasheed is making false statements. We are already saying since day one that government is not serious in talks with TLP.
  • Earlier, sheik rasheed contacted and asked for three days time which Majlis e Shura granted for the sake of solidarity of the country
  • Government made no progress towards TLP demands on Monday on Tuesday also
  • We opened both sides of GT Road for traffic on Monday and kept on our peaceful protest on sides of the the roads. A video as a evidence was also released.
  • Whereas government didn't open the routes of traffic rather placed more blockades which clearly showed malicious intentions of the government.
  • We went for talks with government seriously every time we got contacted but government brutally used the force which is condemnable
  • We announced before starting the long march that if government looks into issue of french ambassador and acts on its agreements with TLP (signed by federal ministers in November 2020 and then in April 2021), TLP would conclude its sit-in without long march.

19:00 - Tehreek Labbaik Paksitan issues press release after govt. intends to deal it as militant group

Tehreek Labbaik Pakistan, in its press release and request for news tickers, rejected the baseless allegations against TLP and asserted that TLP believes in peaceful struggle. Here are the points made by TLP spokesperson;

  • Not even a single policeman in TLP hostage.
  • Fabricated and baseless allegations are strongly condemned.
  • Police personnel are doing their own duty. We have clearly directed our workers to not beat any policeman as they are our brothers and children.
  • More than 500 people refused baton charge against TLP which we appreciate.
  • Our one point agenda is to safeguard honour of the Last Prophet Hazrat Muhammad SAW for which we'll not hesitate to sacrifice anything.
  • Constitutions and institutions of Pakistan are respectable but vicious use of brutality will not be tolerated.

18:00 - Anti-Islam govt. vows to deal TLP as militant group which was accepted by interior minister as third largest polictical party of Punjab a few days ago

After cabinet meeting today, anti-Islam PTI government decides to deal Tehreek Labbaik Pakistan as militant group which is against constitution of Pakistan. Nobody could prove even a single weapon possession by any TLP worker. Government said it was facing a lot of foreign pressure in this regard and will deal TLP as militant group.

15:30 - Continuous firing from back of the Namoos e Risalat march: People from Muridke requested to come from back and disperse force from back

Forces are continuously firing straight bullets from back of the Namoos e Risalat march at Sadhoke. Tens of participants have embraced martyrdom while thousands of them are injured. Whole nation requested to come out for the cause of Namoos E Risalat now. People especially from Muridke should come from back and disperse the forces who are continuously opening fire on peaceful participants.

13:30 - Straights bullets being fired on Namoos e Risalat march from all sides and through helicopter

Police and rangers have attacked Namoos E Risalat march from all sides. Helicopters are being used for firing on TLP's long march too. Whole nation is requested to be on roads. People from Gujranwala and Kamoke are requested to come from back of the forces.

12:30 - Cellular service suspended too, heavy contingents of forces at Sadhoke

As Namoos E Risalat march is approaching Sadhoke, cellular services in the nearby area has been suspended too. There are corroborated reports of heavy contingents of forces at Sadhoki while tear gas shelling on march from back has already been started. Everyone is requested to join Namoos E Risalat march for the noble cause.

12:10 - Tear gas shelling started on Namoose E Risalat march from back as caravan approaches to Sadhoke

Police and rangers has started firing tear gas shells on Namoos E Risalat march from back as march appraches towards Sadhoke. There were reports that forces would try an operation from both back and front at the same time.

01:30 - ALERT: "Govt. didn't contact us rather forces have prepared for the operation again. If it happens, whole nation should start protest": CEC TLP

Central Executive Committee (Majlis-e-Shura) of TLP, in a video message, has clarified that nobody contacted them for talks today while interior minister mentioned that in a press conference that he would. Majlis-e-Shura said that rather there are corroborated reports of another operation against the long march. If forces do so again, whole nation is requested to come on road and start protest.

Tuesday, October 26

ANALYSIS: TLP's first and foremost demand is not to expel french ambassador. Does government want to frame the problem as exacerbated issue?

Tehreek Labbaik Pakistan is not demanding the expulsion of French ambassador as a demand of this long march. The demand is to discuss the resolution in parliament and held a voting of parliamentarians on it. Whatever the parliamentarians will vote for, TLP is ready to accept that. Since government knows that voting against expulsion of french ambassador in parliament will ruin their dirty politics in name of Islam and thus they're reluctant to held that. So, government is just trying to frame the problem as exacerbated issue that TLP is demanding the expulsion of French ambassador which is not true.

15:30 - ALERT: Thousands of police and rangers personnel heading towards Muridke, Syed Inayat ul Haq Shah says today sheikh rasheed was reneging on agreement

Government is once again stepping back from agreement with TLP and preparations of operation are in full swing. Police prepared for stopping the long march in police lines Lahore and a huge number of buses were seen transporting them to Muridke. An estimate of 15000 police personnel is heading towards sit-in along with Rangers. Moreover, government has dug the GT Road from multiple places and has bulldozed the fence of Jehulm river. Syed Inayat ul Haq Shah, member of Central Executive Committee (CEC) of TLP who met with interior minister yesterday and was very hopeful, is also dismayed after today's meeting with sheikh rasheed. He told that government is again reneging on the terms agreed with TLP on Saturday. He warned the people from all of fields of life to remain alert as government is again planning vicious use of force. He requested scholars, lawyers, doctors and people from all fields of life to come forward for the cause of Namoos E Risalat SAW.

Monday, October 25

17:30 - ALERT: Government is preparing for operation again

Allama Sarwar Siafi, in another urgent video message, conveyed to whole nation that TLP has opened the roads for traffic but government has blocked traffic from both sides of sit-in and digging out roads from multiple places on GT Road to Gujranwala. He alerted the whole nation that government may carry on another operation with suspension of internet in whole country. So, the whole nation should remain alerted and move towards Muridke long march in case of any odd actions from government such as suspension of internet/cellular services in whole country or another attempt of use of force.

15:50 - "We have opened the road for traffic, govt. not removing blockades causing traffic jam," Allama Sarwar Saifi warns government

Allama Sarwar Siafi, in an urgent video message, has warned all concerened departments that govt. is not removing blockades causing miles long traffic queues. It shows the malicious intention of government of reneging on what was agreed in Saturday's negotiations. He maintained that government should act upon what they committed and the sit-in would be concluded peacefully. Remember that, the actions of government after the negoiations are not in line with what they agreed on during talks with TLP central exceutive committee on Saturday. We receieved reports of police raids yesterday too. Spreading sand on Chenab river bridge and blocking Jehlum river bridge are also among corroborated news reports after Saturday's talks.

Sunday, October 24

23:50 - "Don't create chaos in country. Do act on your yesterday's agreement if you are sincere and we'll end sit-in;" Allama Sarwar Saifi warns government

Allama Sarwar Saifi warned government to avoid creating chaos in country and act upon its agreement with TLP Centrat Executive Committee (Majlis-e-Shura) yesterday. He asserted that government is placing containers and digging roads to stop march towards Islamabad. "If you are sincere do act upon agreed terms, and if you are not then you have tested us already," Allama Sarwar Saifi reminded the government.

15:00 - Namoos E Risalat march will stay at Murdike till Tuesday evening amid negotiations with government

Leader of Namoos e Risalat march, Allama Sarwar Hanfi Saifi, has announced that TLP's long march will stay where it is (Muridke) till Tuesday evening amid negotiations with government. Last night, six to seven hours long talks took place between government and TLP's negotiating committees. Government asked for three days to fulfill agreed demands and TLP agreed not to move forward meanwhile. Government has started removing all the blockades but the GT Road closure will remain in place due to sit-in at Muridke. Sit-in will be concluded if Allama Saad Hussain Rizvi and all other arrested members of Majlis-e-Shura come on stage and announce it till Tuesday evening. Otherwise, the long march will resume its way to Islamabad if government renege on the agreement this time again.

Saturday, October 23

21:00 - TLP's Namoos e Risalat march reached Muridke, will stay overnight here

17:30 - Viral video: Road is being digging out to stop TLP's march before Chenab Toll Plaza, Gujrat

In a viral video on social media, it can be seen that the road is being digging out to stop movment of Tehreek Labbaik Paksitan's Namoose E Risalat march towards Islamabad. Remember that government is prevailing "talks drama" on the other hand.

16:20 - Centra Excutive Committee reiterates that negotiation is not on the cards untill Hafiz Saad Rizvi comes

Amid government's negotiation committee looking for talks with TLP now (after brutal use of force for a botched attempt to stop the Namoose E Risalat march), TLP's Central Executive Committee (Majlis-e-Shura) reiterated that negotiations is not on the cards unless Hafiz Saad Hussain Rizvi comes in the long march and he himself will held talks with government.

11:50 - Firing of bullets and tear gas shells started again by LEAs near Rana Town

TLP's Namoos e Risalat long march once again faced very severe firing of tear gas shells and straight bullets for nearly three hours near Rana town. March was still there till 2:00 PM trying to clear the route from three layered and stacked filled containers. From the spot, Allama Sarwar Hanfi Saifi released a video message in which he questioned why the unarmed peaceful participants are being targeted with bullets. He told that more than 10 participants have embraced martyrdom, hundreds are severely injured with dozens of those who's organs/body parts have been wasted. He mentioned that "someone" threatened them yesterday that 'if you'll step forward from [a particular] point, we'll open an indiscriminate fire' and same happened with the march. He said that he was not mentioning the name of person who threatened, but he'd if needed.

10:45 - "Whole nation needs to come on the roads now, its time to safeguard the honour of the Last Prophet Hazrat Muhammad SAW;" important message by Majlis-e-Shura (CEC)

10:00 - TLP Namoos e Risalat march crossed Shahdara Chowk

Firing of Straight bullets and prolific use of stun grenades and tear gas shells couldn't suppress zeal of participants of Namoos E Risalat march and it has now crossed Ravi river bridge and Shahdara Chowk.

08:00 - TLP Namoos e Risalat march attacked by Rangers at Batti Chowk Lahore

TLP's Namoose E Risalat march is once again attacked by Rangers at Batti Chowk Lahore. Forces are once again firing straight bullets and three more martyrdoms can be confirmed with hundreds of injured again. A very huge contingent of forces is deployed there and using bullets, bombs and tear gas against Namoos e Risalat march. LEAs have crossed all limits of brutality and hand grenades were thrown on long march. All people from Lahore are requested to join and back the long march.

Friday, October 22


  • TLP's peaceful Namoos e Risalat march set-off for Islamabad after Friday prayer
  • Punjab government called negotiating team for talks when march was near Chaburji Chowk
  • Meanwhile, police and rangers surrounded the peaceful unarmed participants of Namoos e Risalat march and fired bullets and thousands of rounds of tear gas shells
  • Consequently, two workers of TLP embraced martyrdom and many got severely injured
  • Long march stayed at shrine of Hazrat Data Ali Hajvery to get their injured treated and sent critically injured and martyrs to nearby (mayo) hospital.
  • Police took the bodies of martyrs in possession from hospital and did not hand back to TLP
  • Central Executive Committee (CEC) of TLP has now announced to not go for talks until Hafiz Saad Rizvi get released
  • Long march will stay overnight at Azadi flyover Lahore and will resume its journey after Fajar prayer
  • CEC TLP has requested all Pakistani scholars especially and public in general to stand with them for the cause of Namoos e Risalat and come out with them if government uses force viciously again

23:35 - TLP's Namoos e Risalat long march will spend night at Azadi flyover Lahore and resume its journey in the morning

22:40 - Internet service suspended in area of Data Darbar, Ravi pul and Shahdara

Interior ministry of Pakistan has directed PTA to block Internet services in areas of Lahore where TLP's sit-in is arriving. Government seems to conduct a police operation against the long march from ring road bridge near Ravi river.

22:35 - TLP's long march resumes its journey to Islamabad from shrine of Hazrat Data Ganj Bakhsh Ali Hajvery

22:00 - "Several workers martyred, thousands severely injured. Now only Hafiz Saad Hussain Rizvi will negotiate with governmnet "; CEC TLP

Central Executive Committee (CEC) of TLP has said that there thousands of workers are severely injured and several has embraced martyrdom as a result of vicious use of force by government against TLP Namoos E Risalat march. He asserted that now only Hafiz Saad Hussain Rizvi will negotiate with government. "Government called us for negotiations and fired bullets on our workers meanwhile;" says CEC TLP.

21:45 - Police wireless conversation leaked showing that police men died due to their own vheicles

21:50 - Numerous causalities feared: says spokesman TLP

20:50 - "Several workers martyred, hundreds severely injured. Everyone should come with us"; says Allama Sarwar Hanfi Saifi

During stay at shrine of Hazrat Data Ali Hajvery, senior member of Central Executive Committee of TLP Allama Sarwar Hanfi Saifi has conveyed his messgae to everyone that they should come with TLP. With several workers lying down on container, he told that several workers have embraced martyrdom and hundreds are severely injured. Government is viciously using force against Namoos e Risalat march. So every Muslim should stand for Islam and cause of Namoos e Risalat and come with us. Lahoris should reach now and more people should join from other cities and towns when march reaches to their areas.

20:30 - Two police personnel struck by police vehicles and died

Two police men struck by their own institute's vehicle and died. Maliciously government is blaming Namoos e Risalat march participants for their death but it was already clarified by some sources that the poor personnels were hit by police vehicles.

20:00 - TLP Namoos E Risalat march reached Data Darbar

Tehreek Labbaik Pakistan's Namoos E Risalat long march has reached shrine of Hazrat Data Ganj Bakhsh Ali Hajvery R.A.

19:00 - Worst tear gas shelling by LEAs on TLP peaceful march

Police and Rangers are firing worst tear gas shells on peaceful Namoos e Risalat march in Lahore enroute to Islamabad. Purportedly deployed forces fired bullets as well due to which many workers got critically injured. This is happening near Chaburji where LEAs trying to oppress peaceful unarmed participants of TLP. Remember that all this started on order of IG Punjab rao sardar ali khan. Forces started firing bullets and tear gas shells from both front and back of the Namoos e Risalat march. More than 15 workers are confirmed critically injured.

TLP's Namoose e Risalat en-route to Islamabad:

16:48 - First point of blockades cleared by workers. Now the march is taking break to offer Asar Prayer and will resume after prayer

15:40 - TLP's Namoose e Risalat leaves for Islamabad

Tehreek Labbaik Pakistan's million march leaves for Islamabad after Jummah prayer. Before setting-off, Allama Sarwar Hanfi Saifi directed participants to remain peaceful and co-operate with police personnel.

14:50 - TLP's Namoose e Risalat long march expected to set-off for Islamabad soon

Friday prayer has been offered and final arrangement are being set up. Namoos e Risalat march will leave for Islamabad soon but the route to Islamabad has many blockades on the way. Police has placed hundreds of filled containers on the roads. These containers are rather fixed on roads with the help of screws.

07:00 - TLP didn't blocked the roads but surely the government did

Tehreek Labbaik Pakistan, since staging its sit-in, didn't block any road other than the two way from Scheme Mor Chowk to Yateem Khana Chowk. However, government has disrupted the traffic in much larger circumference with filled container fixed on roads with screws to stop the long march. Furthermore, same scenes can be seen on route to Islamabad and at Faizabad, Islamabad. Commuters are facing a lot of problems due to these blockades but remember that these are all caused by government, not by Tehreek Labbaik Pakistan.

07:00 - Interior minister leaves Pakistan

Federal interior minister, sheikh rasheed, has left Pakistan on Thursday night amid TLP's long march. Apparently, he left to watch cricket match in dubai but analysts believe in contrast.

Thursday, October 21

23:00 - False FIR against TLP leaders and arrest of Allama Abdul Sattar Saeedi

We have recieved a copy of FIR registered against leadership of TLP and many others including Allama Abdul Sattar Saeedi. FIR is registered on complaint of station manager of Band Road orange line metro station which narrates that leadership of TLP alongwith 40/50 unknown armed people attacked on metro train station, fired bullets, kept staff hostage and looted the money from there. Allama Abdul Sattar Saeedi is also among the nominated people along with Allama Sarwar Hanfi Saifi, Qazi Mehmood Awan, Hafiz Anas Rizvi, Mufti Umair Al-Azhari, Allama Ghulam Abbas Faizi, Mufti Wazir Ali Rizvi, Mufti Abid Raza, Allama Syed Ahmad Shah Bukhari, Allama Asim Ashfaq Rizvi, Allama Safdar Ali Rizvi and many others including lawyers. Interestingly, the time of incident is reported as 7:15 PM on October 20 when many media channels and digital content creators were present at the spot and no one witnessed, aired or quoted this incident which actually never happened. According to a crime reporter, even office of SP Iqbal Town didn't know any such FIR when contacted for comment on this and no arguments were made by them. It clearly shows that this is an absolutely false FIR and depicts government's malicious intentions.

17:05 - Long march towards Islamabad

Central Executive Committee (CEC) of TLP announces a peaceful long march towards Islamabad after deadline given to government to act upon April agreement passed. According to the announcement, the march will set-off for Islamabad after tomorrow's Jummah prayer from Jamia Masjid RehmatulilAlameen, Multan road, Lahore. CEC has invited public of Pakistan, workers and leadership of TLP to participate in peaceful Namoos e Risalat Long March.

What are we expecting now?

After announcement of long march by TLP and as per bits of information we are getting, here is what we can expect for next 12-24 hours:

  • A massive police operation against TLP sit-in at some time from 4:00 AM to 9:00 AM on Friday
  • Countrywide suspension of cellular and internet services on Friday
  • Further crackdown against TLP workers and local leadership across Pakistan tonight

What did CEC announce?

  • TLP will held a peaceful long march towards Islamabad amid government reneging upon [April] agreement with TLP: CEC TLP
  • March will set off for Islamabad on Friday October 22 after Friday prayer from Jamia Masjid RehmatulilAlameen: CEC TLP
  • We protested with roads open for two weeks but fascist government didn't pay heed: CEC TLP
  • Fought and won our case on every legal and constitutional platform for six months: CEC TLP
  • Government didn't act upon any single agreement so far: CEC TLP
  • We remained peaceful after martyrdom of 27 workers in April this year and 8 during Faizabad st-in in November 2017: CEC TLP
  • Government will be responsible of circumstances in case of use of force and brutality on participants of peaceful long march: CEC TLP
  • Peaceful protest is our constitutional and democratic right: CEC TLP
  • If government goes for use of force against us, we do have plan-B too: CEC TLP

15:00 - Reserve contingents from many cities of Punjab are in Lahore now

Yesterday Lahore police was high alerted and deployed around TLP's sit-in and today reports are evolving that additional contingents from all over the Punjab have been called in Lahore and deployed around sit-in, entry and exit points of the city. Though the interior minister said that no action would be taken against peaceful sit-in but ground realities convey something else.

13:00 - "We can't expel french ambassador at the cost of severing ties with european union (EU);" says interior minister sheikh rasheed

Interior minister, sheikh rasheed while talking to journalists after police passing out ceremony, said that government couldn't expel french ambassdor on TLP's demand and it'd cost severing ties with whole EU. This is the same narrative we saw back in April. Remember that, its government who is trying to map this protest again to expulsion of french ambassador. While TLP just demanded to act upon the agreement government did with TLP in April. The agreement included the debate on ambassdor expulsion in national assembly and releasing all workers and leaders of TLP with wiping out all cases against them. However, the resolution was tabled in parliament but never debated and proceeded forward again. TLP, though called off sit-in after tabling of resolution as per agreement but government didn't release its leadership and hundreds of workers since then.

01:30 - Internet services blocked by government in nearby areas of Lahore sit-in

Interior ministry of Pakistan has directed PTA to block Internet services in areas of Lahore where Tehreek Labbaik Pakistan is staging the sit-in. Government seems to conduct a police operation against the sit-in (details in thread below).

Wednesday, October 20

23:30 - Preparations of operation agianst TLP sit-in (REPEAT)

We are recieving reports about police preparing to carry out an operation to end TLP-sit in. All the main routes to and from Scheme Mor and Yateem Khana Chowk have been closed by police. Furthermore, vacations of Lahore police have been cancelled immediately and all officers and personnel have been called back on duty with a high alert.

22:00 - Reports of country wide crackdown against TLP

We are getting several reports of police raids and barging in houses of leadership and workers of TLP in various cities. These reports are coming out after TLP announced and staged a peaceful sit-in yesterday demanding government to act upon April agreement and release Hafiz Saad Hussain Rizvi. Remember that central executive committee of TLP has already directed all workers to reach Lahore last week which still holds true.

Read more: Workers from all over the Pakistan must reach Lahore secretariat: CEC TLP

10:15 - Preparations of operation agianst TLP sit-in

We are recieving reports about police preparing to carry out an operation to end TLP-sit in. All the main routes to and from Scheme Mor and Yateem Khana Chowk have been closed by police.

Tuesday, October 19

Due to government's dumbness towards court orders and reneging on agreement with TLP, Central Executive Committee (CEC) of Tehreek Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) has announced sit-in while addressing to closing session of rally of Eid Milad un Nabi SAW. The sit-in is being staged outside central secretariat Jamia Masjid Rehmatulilalameen, Mulatn Road Lahore.

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